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About Safari Club International Northern Arizona Chapter


The Safari Club International N. Arizona Chapter is actively seeking new members. To help support this we are offering lots of new opportunities for those interested in joining.

Northern Arizona Chapter Members and Benefits

Thank you for considering the Northern Arizona chapter of SCI for your future hunting and fishing experiences. The Northern Arizona chapter is designed to support the future of ethical hunting and fishing through continued education, proper preparation and sustained skill sets. This chapter provides hunters with opportunities to hunt year round for non indigenous animals in northern Arizona perfect for new hunters, youth and limited mobility hunters. We hold an annual banquet with raffles and auctions for domestic and international hunts as well as fishing trips all over the world, opportunities to advance hunting skill sets through training courses, hunting and fishing industry product giveaways, factory tours of hunting and fishing industry companies in the Phoenix Valley and northern Arizona area as well as establishing friendships with like minded hunters and anglers in your area.

One of our major areas of emphasis is proper introduction to hunting and fishing for our youth. They are the future and should be provided the best foundation possible for beginning their trek into the harvesting lifestyle. This is a proven program within our chapter as last year we had five youth hunters of chapter members successfully harvest feral hogs and exotic rams. This was done through chapter memberships and raffles that provided an all expenses paid hunt for select/randomly chosen children of our chapter members. This hunt which is done in the Kingman Az area is also supported by a day of firearms training, provided by S.T.A. Training Group with the rifles they will be using alongside some of the best firearms instructors in the industry. These young hunters will learn firearms safety, handling of the firearm, loading, unloading and in depth marksmanship skills that surpass what is taught in a basic hunter safety program.

Working with one of Arizona’s premier firearm training companies allows our chapter members unique opportunities to advance their firearm skills from firearms handling to marksmanship. Our chapter provides select courses for our chapter members as well as discounted courses for chapter members who are preparing for hunts or whatever their shooting reasons may be.

Being a part of our chapter does not mean you have to live in N. Arizona or even the state for that matter. Our chapter is as geographically diverse as it is demographically. With members as far as Connecticut, our goal is to keep our chapter strong with youth, women, men and senior hunters alike as we all have something to offer each other. We encourage our chapter members to support SCI and the Northern Arizona chapter by becoming members and taking part of one of the most unique chapters in the SCI organization.
If you are a business associated with the firearms, hunting or fishing industry and would like to support our chapter’s banquet and year round events with product please feel free to contact me by email.

Thank you for your support

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I had a great time with my son hunting yesterday. Michael and Cedric were fast friends and great hunters. Michael hiked his own pack, shot his own animals and made me very proud. Thanks to Jerod Johnson for working with him on the range to zero his rifle and train in various shooting positions. Thanks to josh for his help in the field and thanks to Scott from dunton ranch for an awesome time.


Here is a small after action report from STA Training Group. They held our range day prior to the kids going out to hunt. The focus on the ethical harvesting of animals and hunting with the AR series rifles was perfectly executed by all of the kids. We will be posting our report shortly.




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